Bigfoot Adventure Tour


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Ozarks Expedition Tours

From Mild to Wild! Three different tours take you out into the Ozarks for three distinctly different types of adventures. Each tour offers something unique and different. All offer loads of fun! The Farm tour is suitable for all ages and physical abilities. Read the descriptions carefully and then choose the level of adventure for you and your family and friends.

Bigfoot Discovery Expedition

Experience this world famous Bigfoot Adventure Tour. This Interactive, Themed Adventure comes complete with original music, a fascinating story-line, a rugged quest for Bigfoot, and an extremely surprising twist ending. You’ll join the Bigfoot Research Team and board the custom made 4×4 vehicles and journey out into the Ozark Hills. Guaranteed encounters with hairy beasts and other mysterious characters!

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Scottish Highland Farm Tour

Visit Bigfoot Farms where you’ll interact, pet, and feed Scottish Highland cattle. Board the 4×4 trucks at Bigfoot Fun Park and journey out into the Ozarks enjoying beautiful views and an up close interaction with these unique and hardy cattle. Approximately 60-75 minutes and appropriate for all ages. Book now!

On the tour you’ll visit a working Scottish Highland cattle farm. (These cattle come from an area in Scotland with frequent Bigfoot sightings, thus the Bigfoot connection). While at Branson’s Bigfoot Farms you’ll get the chance to hand feed & pet our cattle. 

You’ll also experience some incredible Ozark Mountain sights and discover some unique points of interest including a large limestone bluff with hieroglyphics that tell a Native American version of the Bigfoot story. It’s a true off-roading experience with fun twists, turns & bumps along the way! Reserve your tour today

While you’re here be sure to check out Bigfoot Fun Park!

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